From the excellence of the territory, to the pleasure of being at the table: Terre&Motori is home of agricultural and food products with PDO and PGI quality guarantee, exported all over the world.
Salami, cheese, oil, wine and local products: the cuisine of this area reaches some of the highest peaks of Italian gastronomic culture.
But there is even more: Terre&Motori is also a journey of discovery of past traditions, of a territory full of genuine and authentic unique products, as well as some of the most well known culinary landmarks in the world, where it is possible to live authentic and genuine experiences of tasting and discovery, directly from the hands of producers.

The excellences of the territory: Local Products

The journey of knowledge and experience of a territory also means tasting and knowing its products.

It is a journey to discover products of excellence, to be savored directly from the hands of their producers to enjoy them at their best.

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Local Wines

Seen as an absolute demonstration of the eternal love between nature and man, the importance of wine goes far beyond its ability to accompany the meal.

Capable of bringing people together and socializing, of bringing cheer to times of sadness, the local wines produced in this territory are little treasures that are worth to be discovered, custodians of centuries of history, and are to be savoured to the last drop.

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Local Olive Oil

Oil has always played a fundamental role in the lives and on the table of Italians: its origins date back to Ancient Rome, when the plant was loved and revered by Romans.

Whether used in combination with other dishes to enhance their flavor, or tasted alone in purity, oil is undoubtedly the star of Italian Cousine and the guardian of a thousand-year-old tradition that still gather enthusiasts and admirers from all over the world.

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