Borgo Tossignano

Headquarters of the Museum of the Chalk Vein of Romagna at the historic Baronial Palace of Tossignano

Tossignano ‘s traditional Mardi Gras Polenta Festival and Borgo’s Macaroni Festival reintroduce the historic parochialism with two parallel and complementary events.

The excellence of Borgo Tossignano

The Polenta of Tossignano

The History of Tossignano’s Polenta Festival has very ancient origins, dating back to February 1622, on the last day of Carnival, when it was celebrated in Tossignano with great celebrations. The celebration of Tossignano’s Polenta Festival continues still today, where the typical dish is topped with sausage, and offered free to villagers and outsiders.

Borgo Tossignano’s Maccheroni

Borgo Tossignano’s maccheroni, served with the typical ragu sauce, have had the power of reconciling both the inhabitants of the ancient village of Borgo and those of Tossignano, two places that have always been historical rivals.