Green fields and the colors of fruit trees accompany the arrival in Solarolo. Village of 14th-century layout that preserves evidence of a past linked to the Manfredi, lords of Faenza and the Gonzaga-Este family. Still present are part of the ancient walls and defensive towers. In his campaign, the most important Bronze Age archaeological site in Romagna was unearthed on Ordiere Street.

A 15th-century Carrara marble bas-relief depicting a Madonna and Child and kept in the town hall is attributed to Andrea del Verrocchio.

The 18th-century Shrine of Our Lady of Health, north of the town is still a heartfelt destination for devotion.

Solarolo’s excellencies


The village is distinguished for the production and valorization of many typical food products and in particular fruits such as IGP peaches and nectarines and for the production of “Macramè di Solarolo,” traditional fringed lace that is produced here with a special finish.