Just 12 km from Imola, Casalfiumanese is the first municipality in the Santerno Valley, which ascends the first Apennines and devalues to Tuscany.

The excellencies of Casalfiumanese

LUCA GHINI (Casalfiumanese, 1490 – Bologna, 1556)

Born near the parish of Croara, between Casalfiumanese and Sassoleone, and living between 1490 and 1556, Luca Ghini was a physician, botanist and professor at the Universities of Bologna and Pisa. Luca Ghini was among the first botanists to propose the establishment of botanical gardens and to use the method of preserving and cataloging plants through the use of herbaria, catalogs of fresh specimens by drying, achieved by subjecting them to strong pressure between sheets of paper.

Casalese ravioli

The typical cake of Casalfiumanese is a cookie made of doughnut dough folded in on itself, filled with mostarda Bolognese (strictly made from quince apples and pears) and orange peel. Also found in Bolognese gastronomy (in this case it is called “raviola”), the Casalese raviolo is also characterized by the spike-like closure of the top.